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Select the NRA certified course you desire below to suit your specific needs. All of our NRA Certified courses credential you to apply for your Maine Concealed Handgun Permit recognized in 30 states and counting! Private range instruction at no extra charge! Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency course for new Shooters& Pistol Owners.


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Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency and Range Qualifications Scheduled 7-Days a Week by Appointment 

NRA Basic Pistol Shooting None Scheduled

NRA Personal Protection in the Home October 28th at Cabela’s, Maine!

Firearms and the Law  October 28th Cabela’s, Maine

Special Combined Offer October 28th Cabela’s, Maine

Special Combined Offer – Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency with our NRA Certified Firearms and the Law Course & Products Page Be sure to fill out an APPLICATION for your desired course(s).

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