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Course Dates
  • May 28, 2016Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency Classroom 7:00AM ~ Poland Spring
  • May 31, 2016Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency 7:30AM ~ 100 Rounds Live Fire ~
  • June 4, 2016Fundamental Handgun Safety and Proficiency 7:00AM~ 100 Rounds Live Fire
  • June 25, 2016NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home 8AM ~ 3PM ~ Cabela's
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Welcome to Maine CWP Training ™


NRA Certified Handgun Training that credentials you to apply for your Maine Concealed Handgun Permit (Recognized in 30 States) We schedule private NRA Certified courses and required Range Qualifications 7-Days a week by appointment for your convenience. We are accepting Applications now through June 2016 courses. Call today

Next Opening for our NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home Course with our Attorney John Chapman is on June 25th. Includes qualified information where you may not Constitutional Carry in Maine; Federal GFZA prohibits possession within 1000′ of a public school, State Parks and Acadia… and 30 States that honor Maine Concealed Handgun Permits. Sign up today! Accepting applications for courses through June 25, 2016! 

Prerequisite Fundamental Handgun Safety courses for new pistol owners and shooters are scheduled 7-days a week by appointment. 

Sign up for our NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home Course / Fundamental Handgun Safety & Proficiency course on our Special Combined offer or our Course and Products Page

Go With The Best ~ Your Life May Depend On It!

Article 1 ~ Section 16 of the Maine Constitution:  To keep and bear arms.  Every citizen has a right to keep and bear arms and this right shall never be questioned.




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Our NRA certified courses measure individual participant talents and “Firearm Instruction, Responsibility, and Safety Training” Our client base spans four generations with women representing 38% of our client base. Signing up takes just minutes!

We offer combined courses to fit every individual’s needs.  Choose your course and pay online from the “Courses & Products” tab at the top of any page!  There is a very visible PayPal “Buy Now” button on every course page.  Call 207-583-4723 or cell 207-232-7063 with any questions you might have!

Serving surrounding areas from Portland to Augusta, including Biddeford, Saco, Scarborough, Windham, Westbrook, Lewiston, Auburn, Bridgton, Norway, Casco, Poland, Bethel, Fryeburg, Naples & Harrison and your location too!


booksOur NRA Certified Personal Protection in the Home course gives participants the, “Prerequisite Knowledge, Skills and Attitude,” essential to the safe and efficient use of a handgun for protection of self and innocent third persons and to provide information on the law-abiding citizen’s right to self defense. Course Page

We also offer: Firearms and the Law: Possession, Ownership and the Use of Deadly and Non-Deadly Force. This three hour segment is also offered separately. Respected attorney John W. Chapman of Portland delivers this comprehensive, power packed real life delivery on how the law affects you and your decisions, when employing a firearm for self defense. Never seen before because of our “Total Participant Involvement”  Course Page


NRA  Basic Pistol Shooting Course
includes classroom and range time learning to shoot revolvers or semi automatic pistols. Students learn NRA’s rules for safe gun handling; pistol parts and operation; ammunition; shooting fundamentals; range rules; shooting from the bench rest position, and two handed standing positions; cleaning the pistol; and continued opportunities for skill development. Course Page

Special Combined Offer – Save $45!  

Special Combined Offer ($200) includes Individual New Shooter & Pistol Owner Instruction and our NRA certified Personal Protection in the Home! A $45 savings 

Course Page

Sign up process for any course is simple.

  1. Fill out the Application for each person, then click submit.
  2. Click on the PayPal Buy Now Button on the course page to pay.
  3. We will then promptly mail out your text books for your study via Priority Mail usually the same day! There is a 25 question multiple choice open book exam at the end of the classroom instruction for the Personal Protection in the Home Course.

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